The hearts inside our bodies beat about 100,000 times a day, 35 million times a year and more than 2.5 billion times in the course of our lives.

Our hearts remind us we’re alive. But they also can be broken and when this happens it feels like bombs exploding inside our souls. 

Living comes with life and losses are a part of the journey. It may seem that each affliction defines who we were and who we will become. But I believe we have much more power than the pain. I believe we can choose to find ourselves anew in each loss, all we grieve and every season of mourning.

I believe we can discover how to love and how to live again, and in the process keep growing and going because until we breathe our last breaths the moments of our lives have incredible purpose and possibilities. We must use them well.

Through this writing space I give you my experiences and my hopes to help you and many others navigating these waters find a steadiness that leads you to a “new normal” and building a new chapter into the story of your life.

I follow Jesus and I understand that sometimes pain often cuts faith down to its knees in the heart of the griever, whether they believe in Jesus, find belief in something else or question what to believe. I think it’s healthy to consider belief in the midst of suffering. Pain has a way of showing you who you are like nothing else. In this space I talk about the relationship faith has with pain and what belief becomes when the bottom falls out in our lives.

This is my journey. I’m Finding Melodie in the words, music and moments that are helping me rebuild. I love that you’re here. Come on this journey with me and subscribe by e-mail or visit as often as you can.

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